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Melancholy Blue

18 mai 2024

Virginia Constantine

Melancholy Blue

01. Gentle Rain (extract)
02. Gran Torino (extract)
03. Smile (extract)

I have always loved Jazz… My father Jean Constantin passed on to me his passion for this undeniably timeless music which is at the basis of all modern music, including rock’n’roll. The color blue is also emblematic of Jazz, if only through « the blues », the ancestor of Jazz which opened the way to the great big band leaders such as Duke Ellington or Count Basie, as well as to the great names of vocal Jazz which emerged afterwards: Billie Holliday, Sarah Vaughan, Nat King Cole, to name but a few. The blues is in essence melancholic, it was the musical symbol of the struggle of the black people for their freedom and the most beautiful way to react to the injustice they faced. Beyond this injustice, there are our struggles and our inner wounds and this melancholy which is in each of us… Hence the title of this EP « Melancholy Blue » which will soon become an LP. I have always liked to transmit my emotions through my voice and to revisit these standards, I called upon a team of prestigious musicians. On piano and musical arrangements, Vincent Bidal, on flugelhorn Éric Giausserand, saxophone Yannick Soccal, on double bass Rémi Vignolo and on drums, the legendary André Ceccarelli. I hope through this EP to offer my listeners a moment of happiness and emotion, a kind of break in the insatiable race of time and our lives that go by, too fast…